Science - World Wildlife Fund #LearnToLoveNature Week 4

Opportunities for your students to learn from home with WWF.

Dear C,

Starting Monday 11th May, we've provided fun daily activities to help your students connect with nature and learn more about our planet's frozen world.

Our upcoming themed week will include live learning events via our new dedicated Facebook group (with recordings available on YouTube), links to our popular educational materials, and an opportunity to participate in a fun and insightful webinar with a WWF expert.

Stay safe and enjoy exploring our amazing planet!

Lizzie Goldsbrough and Caroline Howkins
WWF Education Officers


MON, 11th MAY: Explore our frozen world biomes

Watch our short film and use the Our Planet explorable globe to find out how clean, renewable energy is key to saving our frozen worlds.


TUES, 12th MAY @ 11am: Go on a garden safari

Join us LIVE on our dedicated Facebook group as we share tips on how we can all connect with nature in our own outdoor spaces.


WED, 13th MAY @ 11am: Build an arctic pop-up habitat

Join Annette on our Facebook group as she demonstrates how to make your own amazing frozen world pop-up habitat using recycled materials.


THURS, 14th MAY @ 11am: Live Learning Challenge

Come play our live phone quiz! It’s a fun way to test what you've learnt about our frozen world. 12 questions and lots of winners.


FRI, 15th MAY @ 11am: WWF Talks Frozen Worlds

Join our polar experts as we take you on a virtual expedition to the Earth’s most fascinating and vulnerable places on Earth: the polar regions!


SKYPE IN THE CLASSOOM: Penguins and Polar bears (key stage 1&2)

Join us to find out how penguins and polar bears are perfectly adapted to their environment. Pupils will be encouraged to produce a news reports on the dangers polar bears and penguins face to help spread the word of the importance of protecting these incredible species.


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