This Week's Homework 2nd Nov - 8th Nov

Date: 2nd Nov 2018 @ 12:46pm

I would like you to write a narrative of what you can see in the video. The main thing I am looking for this week is amazing vocabulary. I can't wait to read the brilliant pieces you are going to write. You will have to create urgency in your writing, can you remember how to do that?

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Cr wrote:

“ Oh no!” screamed the lighthouse keeper. The brilliant shining lighthouse lamp had suddenly stopped working. The lighthouse glass smashed into ti

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DB wrote:

The lighthouse, which was a lofty, isolated structure, was sitting on a cliff. It intimidated all of the town. Inside, a person remote from the village sat writing on a blank sheet of paper. Suddenly, the window was banged in and a gust of wind skimmed him. Speedily, he shut it. Instantaneously, It opened again and this time it blasted so much air at him that it blew out the candle.

At that moment, he knew that the lighthouse powered down. He seized his lamp and sped up the stairs. Step by step, floor by floor, he eventually reached the top. It was the man`s sacred duty to fix it before a ship crashed. Lucky for him, there was a ship about to crash into his cliff. He grabbed the bulb hoping not to break it but, he stumbled over his toolbox and smashed it. He was hopeless. He thought about evacuating when a throng of people started clambering up the hill holding several light bulbs. It was phenomenally fantastic. He led them up to the peak of the tower and everybody was safe.

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OC wrote:

The old,elderly,tired man was sat on his wooden,flat,uncomfortable table .Writing books about his amazing,lovely lighthouse upon his hill full of wonderful waterfalls,marvellous mountains and great greenery.Suddenly the light flickered then it went pitch black "Ughhh"sighed the unentertained man and he peered through the transparent but dusty window and saw on the horizon a colossal,titanic-like yacht and realized that the gleaming light on his lighthouse had gon out he worried that his massive island and house would be damaged he bolted up the spiralized stairs and opened the big lightbulb and checked why it stopped and it had ran out but he had no more he sprinted down the same spiralized stairs and opened the front door, he saw millions and billions of people holding lanterns and was amazed his idyllic island was saved from the boat thanks to these people.

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Joshua Monti wrote:

The story began on a dark night in a little village. The village had a lighthouse that stood at the top of the hill by the sea. On this dark and windy night the villagers were enjoying themselves laughing and dancing in the local pub, whilst in the lighthouse was an old man working very hard doing his paper work. Suddenly there was a blast of wind and the windows blew open, there was an almighty bang and the light at the top of the light house went out. The old man lit his lantern and in a hurry he ran up the long stair case to explore . When he reached the top he opened the light to see what the problem was. Just then the old man was alarmed by the sound of a fog horn which was coming from a large ship in the distance. In a panic the old man lifted the cage surrounding the light but he tripped over his toolbox and the cage dropped to the floor shattering the glass into lots of tiny pieces. The old man could see the large ship getting closer and heading straight for the village. The worried man realised that the only thing he could do was to alert the villagers. As quick as a flash he ran down the rickety spiral stair case. He opened his front door and to his amazement saw a sea of lanterheading up the hill to the light house. The villagers had all lit their lanterns and brought them to the lighthouse to create a bright light to warn the ship that land is near before it hit the village. They all gathered around the outside of the lighthouse and huddled together. Just in time the ship saw the bright light and quickly turned to avoid hitting land. The ship headed off and the villagers were happy and safe.

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FV wrote:

He was sad and lonely, and he had no one to talk to. He was struggling to see the light had gone off but there was a boat coming. He tried to fix it but it smashed, but then the people in the town saw what happened and all came with lamps to help the boat. Now the man in the lighthouse was not lonely.

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Jordi wrote:

In the misty night, underneath the dim moonlight, from the lighthouse on the hill, a glow illuminates the night. House upon house surrounded the hill, grass upon grass, cloud upon cloud surrounded the hill. Inside the stone, mossy lighthouse, an old, lonely man wrote into his book. He groans upon the cheers down below and shuts the window. As isolated as a ghost. As sad as an onion. As lonely as a crow in the sands.The man carries on writing. CLANK! Nerve-wracking noises paused him. The bright, radiant glow went out. Cheering stopped. The window gushed open. Standing up in a panic, he goes to see what happened.

Dashing up the stairs, the lamp was the only light to guide him. He comes to a halt at the top. Confused, he stares at the frozen gears. With a full face of fear, he carries on searching. Water dripping. By himself. Looking elsewhere. He hears a noise. Running to the lookout.The boat was coming. With no light to guide the boat, what will he do? In a panic, he takes the broken light to try and fix it. SMASH! It broke. Petrified, he ran down the stairs as quick as Sonic the Hedgehog. Looking out the door to see, people upon people carrying lamps with them. He smiles as everyone stood with him at the crooked, brick lighthouse, lighting the way for the boat. The boat edged closer and closer. Just in time, it turned right. Everyone was safe! A grin lay upon his face.

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AV wrote:

On one day a light house keeper was annoyed because of cheering.
But the light went out he worried and in a flash he went up to the light.
He got it of but it smashed he sore a ship panacing he did not know what to do.
He rushed down opened the door to see lots of people with lamps and the ship came in safely and he was happy

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Sam wrote:

The lighthouse, was tall and rusty with lots of windows. There was an old man that lived inside. The lighthouse guided lots of boats around the sea with its bright lights, until the lights went out. People came from all around and used their lights to guide an on coming boat that was about to crash into the boat house.

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LV wrote:

One stormy night a lonely man in a lighthouse was doing some work. Suddenly, he heard a strange noise so he stopped working and went to check the top of the lighthouse. He checked the engine for the light and that was fine so he went to check the light. He saw a ship in the distance. The light wasn’t working, the ship couldn’t see. He ran back down the stairs and out of the lighthouse 2 minutes later he and the whole town were at the top of the lighthouse. They were holding the brightest lamps and the ship made it safely.

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EG wrote:

As the lighthouse beamed it’s light.As the village People cheered.As the lighthouse keeper worked.Page by Page.Noise by noise.Distraction by distraction the man tried to ignore the village people but couldn’t.When he shut the window it creeked back open.All of a sudden the candle’s flame evaporated.Then the lighthouse’s lazer stopped.There was a cheer then silence.The lighthouse keeper darted up the spiral staircase he got to a point where he had to look at the gears. He searched the gears with eyes he gripped onto his tool box and darted up another flight of stairs till he reached the top.He peered at the bulb.Slip,slide,bang.he fell and the bulb fell into a million pieces.The village and the keeper was the beam.

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EG wrote:

As the lighthouse beamed it’s light.As the village People cheered.As the lighthouse keeper worked.Page by Page.Noise by noise.Distraction by distraction the man tried to ignore the village people but couldn’t.When he shut the window it creeked back open.All of a sudden the candle’s flame evaporated.Then the lighthouse’s lazer stopped.There was a cheer then silence.The lighthouse keeper darted up the spiral staircase he got to a point where he had to look at the gears. He searched the gears with eyes he gripped onto his tool box and darted up another flight of stairs till he reached the top.He peered at the bulb.Slip,slide,bang.he fell and the bulb fell into a million pieces.The village and the keeper was the beam.

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os wrote:

As the sun went down and the night approached. In the darkness the only light that could be seen across the village was a beaming of light coming from the lighthouse. The tall, bricked and dirty lighthouse with one window light up was creepy . Lonely, sad ,miserable man with glasses on his face and a royal blue hat on.

Inside the lighthouse was old broken metal pieces and a desk with lined paper and a candle that shined as bright as the stars in the sky. A few steps away was cricked steps leading up to the top of the lighthouse.

With the noisy people outside the miserable man slammed the small window shut and he huffed and he puffed. All of a sudden the man heard a sound then he immediately turned his head to wear the noisy was coming from .BASH BOOM the window flamed open. BASH BOOM the candle blew out.

The man, who quickly stud up, walk away. Next he picks up a lantern and ran up the steps.

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HW wrote:

As the old man,who loved the sea,sat in his uncomfortable wooden chair that was placed in the centre of the old,rundown and decayed lighthouse heard people cheering in the nearby village pub.He had had heard enough of it so he gently shut the window closed.All of a sudden,he heard an unusual noise coming from the peak of the lighthouse so he stopped what he was doing and walked up the wooden spiral staircase to were the noise was coming from.The man noticed that the bulb had burst but he had no other bulbs to replace it.So he lifted the light amplifier up but then he dropped it and the whole thing shattered bit-by-bit,shard-by-shard,piece-by-piece.The man spotted a ship heading towards him he glanced at the town and begun to breathe heavily,then shot down the stairs and opened the door.He could see a glow coming his way,it was his town all holding lanterns like a swarm.They all scurried up to the top and held up there lanterns to stop the ship from hitting the island.

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Izzy wrote:

The old, grumpy , tired lighthouse keeper sighed heavily as he listened to all the noise from the party. Angrily, he slammed the window shut , hoping for all the noise to go. Suddenly the flickering lights went off leaving everywhere in darkness . He jumped out off his chair to see what was going on but he fell and slammed onto the hard floor . He grabbed his toolbox and a candle , running up the stairs faster than a cheetah. Horrified, he saw a ship heading for the rocks but he was powerless to stop it. He lifted the light but he tripped over his toolbox and the light smashed into tiny pieces . Rushing down the stairs , he found hundreds of people holding candles . They all held a candle in one hand to guide the boat to safety.

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EJ wrote:

The Jovial town folks where in the pub drinking and cheering loudly , as I attempted to work.Cheer after cheer.Clinck after clinck .Drink after drink. I slammed the fragile window shut.Causing the glass to vibrate like sound rushing into my ear. Finally, silence , until the bulb of the lighthouse went out! I lit my lamp and dashed up the spiral staircase to investigate why the light went out.I opened up the light shade to see what had happened,but I just couldn't figure it out.Suddenly, I heard a deafening horn , I turned my head instantly ,to see a exceptionally large cargo ship. I picked up the light shade containing the most important light of the village.Petrified, terrified, horrified, I stepped back and unexpectedly stumbled over my untidy, disorganised, messy tool box and the light smashed.As the cargo ship got closer and closer I went to open the door and a blinding light covered my site,but that was when I realised the whole village came up the steep hill to save the lighthouse holding lamps and torches . Suddenly the ship realised there was land and turned away as the village started to cheer once again.

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Trudy ( LIGHTHOUSE) wrote:

Dark, dark and gloomy, dark gloomy and cold. The night waded in. Loud, loud and merry, loud merry and drunk . Cheers echoed from the shabby pub. Normal, normal and average, normal average and familiar. Was this night to the lighthouse keeper?

The lighthouse keeper was an ageing old man who was extremely lonely. He longed to join in with the merry cheers from the pub, to meet more people, and be part of the small village of his childhood. But no those days were gone and he was to spend the rest of his miserable days shut out from the world and locked in the lighthouse.

There was a breeze, there was blow, there was gust! Darkness.
Followed by shocked screams from the town. The light had gone out this was so unusual that the lighthouse keeper himself panicked for what to do. He pondered for a moment and then began to pace up the stairs; endless spiraling.

At last he reached the top. His eyes rolled around there sockets seeking the cause of this peculiar event but know sauce was found. Now they searched for his tools which fortunately were found, he placed the box behind him. He opened the light he could clearly see the damaged surface. With all is might and strength he lifted it out of position taking a step back ...

SMASH! the bulb had smashed. HONK! a ship was coming in. What was he to do? He had know spare bulb and know other light sauce. He had no choice but to ask for help from the village. He sped down staircase at a very fast speed. He reached the foot of the door and swung it open.

He could not believe his eyes the whole village gathered at the foot of the tall structure. Together they looked like a galaxy each one holding a light. Bursting with joy he led them warmly up the lighthouse and onto the balcony at the top. The ship turned away and the lighthouse keeper felt happy. Maybe he would not stay shut up in the lighthouse after all.

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MC wrote:

The man in the lighthouse is annoyed by the villagers noise. The light goes out and a ship heads towards the rocks. The man tripped over his toolbox and broke the light. He ran downstairs and hundreds of villagers came with lights to guide the ship. They guided the ship away so it didn’t crash on the rocks.

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OJ wrote:

There was a village in the middle of nowhere, and a cliff edge. On the cliff edge stood a red and white striped lighthouse. Inside sat there working was a man. He huffed and puffed with rage as he was being distracted by the village.

Suddenly, there was a noise. Suddenly there a deep noise. Suddenly, there was a deep strange noise. His windows opened. The village lights stopped. His candle blew out and he was wondering what went on. He tripped up by the leg of his chair, he got back up and as fast as a strike of lighting, he ascended up the stairs. He thought “How long are these stairs?”but as he climbed the stairs he saw a funny looking, mechanical system. He looked in a window and seen a boat sailing unsteadily across the thundering sea. He lifted up the light from the top of the lighthouse. SMASHHHHH! It smashed into tiny, little pieces so the boat looked blinded as it hovered across the sea. The man deeply thought as he stared at the village. He charged down the stairs like his life depended on it. He reached the bottom and opened the door. He stood there motionlessly as everyone from the village strolled up the cliff side with a candle light in there hand. Everyone walked up the stairs of the lighthouse and when they reached the top everyone shone the light in the direction of the boat and it seen the light and saw everything.

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JAT wrote:

It was a stormy night and a ship was in danger of crashing into the rocks. The lighthouse keeper heard the ships horn blowing and also seen that the light to warn the ships away from the rocks had stopped working. He climbed the stairs to fix the light, but dropped the light and smashed the glass. The ship was getting nearer to the rocks and in danger. Then the lighthouse keeper spotted all the people from the village down bellow coming to the lighthouse with their lanterns lit to help him. They then all stood in the lighthouse to light it up and saved the ship from crashing into the rocks. The ship sailed back out to sea.

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