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I want you to write a version of what happens from the point of view of one of the characters in the video, as discussed in class. Remember to use all of the amazing sentence types we have been using. This writing can be seen by anybody, so make sure it is your best work. If you want to offer advice to other pieces of writing you see on this blog, please do so.

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Slowly, I walk over to the grand piano step by step . I put down my broom and I wiped the the keys clean and I start to play. But my friend the grilla comes up and we then get back to work . I work to back stage because, I didn't want anyone to see me. Out of no we're a over monkey comes round and I have a flash back to when I was a kid. We would play on the black, shiny piano with wite , black keys.

He would always teach me how to play the piano. Sometimes he would to a solo for me and onetime I joined in with him but our teacher didn't like it. So then she would send me through the coridoor into darkness. Allofasuden I hear him playing our favourite toon . I hear him so I find a piano and help him out as we take terns. Our teacher starts shouting ; we carry on. She gets confused and goes after me but gorilla stoped he and we played the rest of the night.

Emily wrote:

You could of used a embedded relative clause and more sentence types

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Trudy wrote:

As I was playing the shiny, jet black piano bobby came over and started to make fun off me so he started to pretend he was doing what I was doing it was not funny.he give me my brush to go clean the theater as I was on my way I sore my old piano teacher with the moodyteacher she was like she got to told her car was broken but it was like that for 10 years he looked back at me.I had a flash back my teacher was playing the lovely old piano really nice but when she looked away he was playing it all silly so I thought it would be funny so I did it and got sent off to a room where you don't want to go. Back at the theatre he was playing the piano and did it all gracefully and went to silly mode behind the curtain I was playing silly so bobby the girila raised the curtain all off us monkeys except the old moody teacher we're laughing and having fun

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Thomas Waine wrote:


I sighed I knew that tune. It was the destinke tune of Marmaduke Spencer's new masterpiece: Dark Music. But it didn't quite sound like it was being played at that moment. I pulled back the curtain to see Rigby sat at the piano; I noticed that his fingers weren't even making the trip to the keys. KLIP CLOP KLIP CLOP, I sighed once more, this was another sound I knew. It was the sound of Mrs Spike's pointy shoes. Rigby jumped off the seat and we went behind the curtain.

Rigby seemed in a kind of transe as he watched Marmaduke followed Mrs Spike through the curtain. It took around 5 minoutes before his mind manedged to find its way back into the room. Marmaduke was now sat at the piano with Mrs Spike shoving the papers for a slow and steady song in his face. You could see that he was simply itching to throw it away and play a happy, fun song but fear for Mrs Spike was too strong.

I looked back at Rigby and I was supprised to see that he was sat at Marmaduke's old piano with a determined look on his face. DOOP DA DA DOOP DA! It was a jolly tune that made me dance. SWOOOSH! Mrs Spike lashed back the curtain with her great monkey hands and attempted the whip Rigby but I stood in her way swinging my huge gorrilla arms. DA DA DA DA! Now Marmaduke was joining in, both Rigby and Marmaduke's monkey hands where quickly working away at the keys. For Mrs Spike, she had had enough, she stormed out of the room with a sulk. I smiled all was happy...

Thomas Waine wrote:

Hmmm could use an imbedded relative clause= now Marmaduke, who was fed up, was joining.

Emily O wrote:

This was great! very entertaining! Great work :)

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Sara wrote:

What's this?
A noise replayed over and over inside my head of a piano that had just been played by my friend George. It was hard to keep in my laughter. I let out a tiny giggle. He looked at me and I mimicked him as a little joke.
Bang! Bang! The extremely angry teacher was noisily striding towards the grand piano on the other side of the curtain. It was George's old friend. He had shown me some pictures of him and his friend when they were younger sitting at a piano with each other. It seemed like they were very close. Both of their eyes lit up. In the middle of them playing classical music, jazz began to blast out. George perked up. He jumped over to the piano and began to play. I raised the curtain so George could be seen. They began to play jazz music with each other and it was amazing. They played with abandon, and were great! Ms. Jones attempted to stop them but I ran between her and George. George ran over to his friend's piano and began to play with him. They had the time of their lives. The teacher strode off the stage and was not happy at all. I don't think she understood how music should make you feel.

MatthewJ wrote:

Sara, try to describe how the teacher strode off the stage like, The tall,grumpy teacher thew her stick down in anger and angrily strode off the stage like a lion looking for its pray.

Scarlett wrote:

You could of added a few expanded noun phrases here and there and you could of started a sentence with a subordinate conjunction e.g. Since they were playing incredibly good, I raised the curtain so George could let out his musical talent freely. Apart from these improvements, it was a lovely piece of writing, Sara!

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Matthew Bradley wrote:


I always wanted to play the piano but Mrs Grunt; my horrible, dreadful, teacher thinks I’m rubbish, (personally I think I’m very good!) Every day I try my absolute best but she stops me about 5 seconds into when the music starts to play. I keep trying and trying. Carefully, I place my hand on the ivory keys and a few seconds later - told to stop. My teacher (who is very strict) was trying to kick me out. Slowly I went through the curtains to join my big, funny and caring friend called Jason.
Annoyed and very unhappy, I walked towards my friend. He tried to cheer me up but it didn’t work. At 3 o’clock I started to play the piano when Mrs Grunt and my dad came through the curtain. I started playing the piano to impress my teacher but as per usual it didn’t work - it was like she wanted me to move out my class. I felt like a failure but I would never give up!
My extremely annoyed teacher was watching my dad. I wish I was like my dad I thought (he is a very good musician!)
I stated to play the piano. After a couple of minutes my dad got so fed up with Mrs Grunt criticising me that he joined in with me! Then Jason started dancing - this made my teacher so angry that she left in disgust.

Esme mccann wrote:

You could use model verbs

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Alisha wrote:


A hand suddenly skimmed the piano. Then the monkey clearer was tightening the cords on his favourite instrument the piano. He has wanted to play it since he was a cute baby cub
Then when he put the recorded on the began to pretend to be Mozart the great. Hovering his hands over the piano. Suddenly his friend bob begin to start laughing then he pocked Fred on the back which scared him and he tuned the record off . Bob begin to mimic him. Then clipity clop …

Oh no it was there derided teacher Credenda then behind her was Fred’s old bubby Bruce then a flash back came

When Fred was in the piano calls he was sat next to his friend Bruce while he was playing Mozart. Then Bruce began to play a silly tune then he went back to Mozart. Suddenly Fred began to play a silly tune but the teacher went very anger and with her stick she waked the stick on the music sheet they both hung their heads in shame. Then the Fred looks at his friend and the bereted to pull his tie us and waved his fingers over the piano and the teacher looked at him and then he did it again. Then he got off is stool looked at credenda and walked out.

Then as he came out of the flash back he then saw that Bruce was playing the piano the he came behind the curtain.

Then he saw the other piano and went over to it and began to play it and the teacher went mad so brace threw the book away and then play a silly tine.

Then Fred went and bob lifted the curtain up mind the teacher saw that Fred was playing the piano so she went back and forth hitting there hand then when the teacher went to hit feds hand bob blocked her and began to dance then the teacher stomped of Bruce came TO FED AND THEY BOTH PLAYED TOGETHER.

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Esme McCann wrote:

Slowly I placed the broom down next to the black,shiny piano.
I wiped the keys and then tightened the seat. I heard and felt the music in the air.
My fingers hovered over the keys of the piano. Soon my friend Dave approached me
and gave me a fright and sniggered. I laughed. As I was about to leave the stage I saw my old teacher, she was super strict. To my amazement, my old friend passed next to me and I remembered he used to be in my piano class.

We had both shared the same passion for jazz music but the old hag had banned us from playing any fun music. She made us play only classical pieces. She always treated me worse than my friend.

Soon I heard a familiar piece of classical music. All of a sudden jazz notes filled my ears. I poked my head through the rough, long red curtains and saw the ancient lady smack my friend.

I pulled my head back slowly. I stared and he smiled back at me. He gave me an approving nod towards the piano. Quickly, I stripped the dust sheet off the piano and sat down. I started playing the beautiful jazz music. Happily, I listened to my friend join in with the jazz. Dave opened the curtains with delight.

The teacher hissed and stormed towards me. Dave stopped her by dancing at her. We both played fast and joyfully in unison. The teacher slammed her conducting stick on the Slowly I placed the broom down next to the black,shiny piano.
I wiped the keys and then tightened the seat. I heard and felt the music in the air.
My fingers hovered over the keys of the piano. Soon my friend Dave approached me
and gave me a fright and sniggered. I laughed. As I was about to leave the stage I saw my old teacher, she was super strict. To my amazement, my old friend passed next to me and I remembered he used to be in my piano class.

We had both shared the same passion for jazz music but the old hag had banned us from playing any fun music. She made us play only classical pieces. She always treated me worse than my friend.

Soon I heard a familiar piece of classical music. All of a sudden jazz notes filled my ears. I poked my head through the rough, long red curtains and saw the ancient lady smack my friend.

I pulled my head back slowly. I stared and he smiled back at me. He gave me an approving nod towards the piano. Quickly, I stripped the dust sheet off the piano and sat down. I started playing the beautiful jazz music. Happily, I listened to my friend join in with the jazz. Dave opened the curtains with delight.

The teacher hissed and stormed towards me. Dave stopped her by dancing at her. We both played fast and joyfully in unison. The teacher slammed her conducting stick on the shiny ground and in a rage she charged off the stage.

My friend excitedly walked over to me and sat down on the stool with me and we played the jazz we had always wanted the freedom to play.shiny ground and in a rage she charged off the stage.

My friend excitedly walked over to me and sat down on the stool with me and we played the jazz we had always wanted the freedom to play.

Ava wrote:

You could have used a more exciting sentence opener rather than my friend.

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Ava McCann wrote:

I slowly scraped the brush across the wooden floor enabling it to break in half. My job was a janitor and my goal was to enjoy life cleanly. We, my friend and I, had to sweep up for the maniacal Professor a snooty pianist that runs this theatre.

Surprisingly, my co-worker sat down upon the cold leather stool placed ever so neatly in front of the piano. He raised his hairy hands, lifted up his chin and pretended to play the magnificently white keys. He imagined the glamorous instrument asking him to play louder and louder each time a small, innocent finger lay floating above a beat.

"Ha huh!" I laughed while gently patting his quivering shoulder. He sighed heavily and rolled his eyes like a bowling ball about to win a frame. Clip clop clip clop, some one was coming down the long corridors that slithered through the historical building. Swiftly, we jumped off the piano to the floor and began to scrub the wood and stains. Professor silently appeared from behind the fluorescent curtain with a similar looking monkey to my partner. Then I remembered...

20 years ago, my friend was sharing a stool with another monkey (who was playing the piano) while the young Professor investigated the outside scenery behind them from a window. Bored out of his mind, the other monkey suddenly stopped and started to play jazz instead of classical. My partner liked this idea so that when he stopped playing Joe ,my partner monkey, joined on as though it was a chain ; he did not stop. Professor strutted over and slammed her cain against the headboard of the piano. With one strike of her long bony finger directing towards the exit sentencing him out, he was gone.

The other monkey from the memory sharing the stool with my partner was him. The monkey about to take lessons whilst wearing a very smart tuxedo. Dloom ding ding. Was the noise his fingers sang and leaked out into the keys. Suddenly, jazz streamed out the side of the instrument. He still had the want inside him to play with fun.

From behind the curtain Joe eyed the old rusty mechanism stood before him. He realised it was a piano and tore the silver, silk sheet from over the top and sat down once again on the cold leather stool placed ever so neatly in front of the piano just like the first one.

Provided the curtain stayed down, he could play the music without being banished. He started to press. Dloom de de da da dede dada went the jazz over flowing the surface that glimmered in the spotlight. Making use of myself, I ascended the curtain and let the world know the Joe even though no one was in there but them and the Professor...

"Aggghhh!" Screamed she as her measly, weak hand came to slap me yet I swung her around till she had had enough. Throwing her cane upon the floor, Professor stormed off leaving the three monkey men to enjoy the jazz. The pianos yelled the jazz all over the room from the top of their strings. I danced to the amazingly wonderful tunes whilst spinning round at a very fast pace.

Exaughsted, amused, delighted, the three figures strolled away ploughing through the depths of the howling night.

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Ronnie wrote:

I came behind Grum and giggled because he was pretending to play the piano. Suddenly, the teacher, who was strict, came stomping in. I gave him his brush and we went to sweep up, listening to the tune. Grum looked behind the curtain so I looked as well and saw the teacher slap Dan's hand. So, I retreated behind the curtain then Grum started to again play the piano. Amazed, astonished and shocked , I walked over to the curtain string and raised it up then ran over to stop the teacher from slapping Grum's hand; the teacher was not impressed. She threw here conducting stick, nearly hitting me. It was like music to my ears that she stopped. I reversed and she strolled out of the room. I started to dance and spin then stopped because Dan went to sit next to Grum, playing the piano which was music to my ears...

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Stanley wrote:

I opened the piano, slid my hand across the keys and pretended to play, until.. I heard my friend giggling at me. Giggling awkwardly back, my friend patted me on the back. Suddenly, the door exploded open. I heard loud footsteps as Grut (my friend)handed me my broom. As the teacher and the piano player strolled towards the piano, I went the other way.. I just had a flashback . I was listening and watching the piano player play, the teacher was behind us waving her hands slowly. As she looked out of the window, he started to play a little remix but the he looked. Luckily, he stopped quickly enough and then teacher looked back out of the window so he started to play more! Unfortunately for me, she noticed, came over and piano with her stick. I stood up and tried to do something but nothing came out so I walked away, ashamed of myself.
He was still playing and I went behind the curtain but then he stopped. I peaked out from behind the curtain and he started again so the teacher slapped him. Grut rose the curtain. The teacher tried to come over to me but Grut blocked her. We carried on playing while Grut was dancing with the teacher. But the teacher, who was in a mood, threw her stick on the floor and walked away angrily. The piano player was now playing with his foot! So I jumped on my seat. He then came over to me and we started to play together.

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Me jumpy monkey and my friend Josh, were jumping mischievously before piano perfection academy for male Monkeys and Gorillas. Miss Peatry, who is very, very strict, is my piano teacher. She has been teaching piano for 32 years and been has been an assistant for 11 years,she is now a full time trainer for playing the piano. Sad , tired , stressed Josh stumbled curiously towards his fellow mate Jim. Like Josh was invisible Jim gave him a tiny grin and then strolled away ready to show off his skills to Miss Peatry. I could tell what my friend Josh was thinking he was imagining the past, not only 1 or 2 years back but 5 years back when he was performing his piece of music he wrote with Jim, then also the part when Miss Peatry kicked him out of that same lesson because she thought they could be split up and never work together again ,since Jim was great at playing the piano and he was not good he would just hit his hands all over the keys.
Finally, its show time Jim plays in front of an audience for the 13th time all me and Josh can hear is HURRAY!!! WELL DONE!!! Next to me, there are flowing petals every where, it is like it is autumn inside. Willing constantly for something to do, me and Josh ran onto the stage and Josh started playing the piano ping ,ding,dong,lalalooooooo! But what he didn’t realise, is that I was raising the curtain so everyone could hear him playing.
Miss Peatry hated it although everyone else loved it everyone was dancing their socks off and as for Miss Peatry she was not pleased or happy at all she was mad and she could not take it any more. Overjoyed, ecstatic, extremely happy like a child in the biggest sweetshop ever we all finally got to play the music together it was a monkey symphony.

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Scarlett - In the view of the teacher wrote:

Loudly banging the door open, I clomped across the ancient, dusty stage. Since the floor was so dirty, it was obvious that the silly, childish, janitors had been monkeying around instead of doing their job. Stomping, I strutted out followed by my trusty piano student, Jackson.
Ricky- the smaller janitor- is usually afraid of me because I dislike him so much. He has a passion for playing happy music. He and Jackson have tried to play with each other many times…
While Ricky was watching him, Jackson was playing with his usual miserable face for playing dull (as they call it) music made him feel sad. Stiffly, I paced around then decided that I would look out of my spotless, shining window. It was raining. My favourite weather type. Suddenly, the lovely music stopped and weirdly changed to a happy song with high notes and all that sickness. Clenching my baton, I angrily trotted over to my precious, swell piano and hit the music sheets. I stared at Ricky in disgust. Quietly, he nudged Jackson and pretended to smarten up and start playing some more. This time my baton purposely hit Ricky. Why was he acting in that horrifying way? Ricky stormed out very angry indeed. When he was well out of the room, I signalled for Jackson to keep on playing the miserable music.
Many years later, Jackson was playing beautifully when suddenly, he started to play a happy, up top song. I only had to look at him once to get him to stop and carry on his lovely masterpiece. It was a gorgeous sound until he started playing that happy song again. Because he started playing the distressing music, I hit him on the head with my baton and he made an angry squeal. Aggressively I hauled the music sheets and turned the page to my favourite song by Beethoven.
Jackson started to play until I heard some music, the same as what Jackson was playing but in a happier, higher key. When I wasn’t looking Jackson threw his music sheets into the dark, musty auditorium and joined in with the mysterious, unknown sound behind the curtain. I got so angry with him. Strangely, the old, scarlet curtain raised upwards and let me view a young, little janitor playing the broken piano. As I started to walk angrily shrugging over to Ricky, he slammed the cover shut and pretended nothing had happened. Meanwhile, my not so trusted student, Jackson started playing again so I slapped him on the forehead as Ricky started again. Before I could get to him, his huge, ugly friend walked right in front of me and growled at me like a lion so I backed away. Once again, Jackson started to play again so I looked over my shoulder but as I did this Ricky started to play again in an even sicklier key. Now they were playing together! Ricky’s big friend started to dance terrifyingly in front of me. Soon, I just dropped my baton and trotted out. I could still hear them outside the stage door.

Scarlett wrote:

I wrote mine in paragraphs...

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alfie kinnen wrote:

I saw the lovely, shiny piano on the stage, and it reminded me of when I was little with my friend practising playing the piano. The teacher sent me away for playing the rong piece.

My work friend bought me back to the present time, laughing at me when I pretended to play the piano and made fun of me. Then we heard the door open ans slam slowly shut. I got up to brush the stage, but as I was walking past I saw my old friend and old teacher walk past me. I then saw my old friend playing the piano, he glanced at me, so I quickly turned my back so he couldn't see me. I went to brush the back of the stage and found an old piano .And then my friend started playing and he could hear a noise, it was me playing the piano, and he started smiling. He started playing and threw away his music. My work friend came over to me and he was smiling and then I was smiling back. Then my old teacher got mad because my old friend was playing a random song piece.

After that my work friend told me to play the piano and he raised the curtains. While he was opening the curtains I carried on playing. My old teacher walked over to me I stopped playing and put my hands behind my back. But my old friend carried on playing, she walked over to him and I started to play again. She walked bake towards me but my work friend stopped her from getting to me. He smiled at her and she frowned. My old friend played the same random piece like me and the teacher got mad. He stopped and I carried on, then I stopped and he carried on. Then we both played. My work friend started dancing and my old teacher threw her stick down. She walked away. My old friend and I played music and my work friend carried on dancing. After a while my old friend stopped playing and walked over to me, sat down and we both played the piano together

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Michael Draycott wrote:

Desperate to play the jet black piano but all I’m allowed to do is brush up the stage. I remember when me and my brother play d the piano I got roared at and sent in the shadows. Only my brother was allowed to play the piano. Are horrible, terrifying teacher would whip and whack both of us if he didn’t play what was on the sheet.
One day my brother and his strict piano teacher came where I work and he started to play a boring piano piece. I stared at the piano back stage, then I heard the music me and my brother used to play and I couldn’t help but join in, finally we were having fun together. We played piano together and the teacher didn’t know who to whip. Then my big gorilla partner started to block the teacher from trying to whip us both so she turned and stomped off. My partner started to dance and me and my brother where finally a family again.

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Dylan Black wrote:

As I was in the circus cleaning up I saw the instrument I used to play the piano. It was too tempting not to play so all I did was pretend to play it. Then my friend came over and told me I wasn’t playing it right but then I told him that I knew I wasn’t playing it right. I told him that it was my favourite instrument and I remembered the keys that I learned and that was what I was pretending to play.
I heard the strict, angry teacher walking so I picked up my cleaning brush and started to sweep the floor with my friend. As I walked past the teacher, I saw the person that used to teach me .Then I had a flash back with my old teacher that used to teach me to play me the piano.
I had a flashback to when I was in my teachers lesson. I interrupted and I got sent out. I think that he was thinking the same thing because that was the last time we saw each other.
As my former piano teacher was in his lesson, I saw another piano and I sat down and started to play. The strict teacher didn’t know what was going on but my friend lifted up the curtain and the teacher saw me. The piano teacher started to play the same tune that I was playing then the teacher gave up going back and forward so the teacher and I played a wonderful song.


Matthew Bradley wrote:

you could of put an embedded relative clause in

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Emily Bellard wrote:

Slowly, I run my hairy hands across the new, shiny piano. I carefully hire up my seat and begin to pretend to play my favourite instrument (the piano.) DO DUM DEE DUM DO DEE DUM. Suddenly, I feel a heavy, wirey hand on my small shoulder. It was my caring, kind, big friend Boris. He started making fun of me and mimicking me which was not funny at all!! BANG. Quickly Boris handed me a brush and made me start to sweep up the dust on the hard, cold theatre floor. My old piano teacher, who is bossy,mean and Stubborn, stormed past me angrily with my smart looking brother. I scooch of back stage while my brother takes his private piano lessons. All of a sudden, a flash back comes across my mind. It was when my and my brother - Jason - we were about seven years old and we were sitting behind our piano keyboard in suits taking our piano lessons with the same teacher that had stormed past me earlier. She smacked her stick against the paper which had our keys on and triggered us to start playing a nice, peaceful piece of Mozart music. Then my brother starts to play funky music and I join in. The teacher slaps me with her stick and tells my to go into a dark room were you wouldn't want to go. I suddenly come back out of my flashback to my brother playing the piano really fastly which made my piano teacher really mad. I began to join in on the backstage piano and the mad woman pulled on some string that pulled up the curtain that was separating the stage and backstage. She started walking back and forth between me and my brother. She once tried to stomp over to my and hit me with her wooden stick but Boris towered over her. He gave her a very stern look and then started dancing to the fast music that was being played by the two extremly happy monkeys. The woman had had enough, she quickly stomped off the stage and out of the theatre. It all ended in complete happiness ...

alfie kinnen wrote:

Maybe use paragraphs next time

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Grace Bellard (monkey symphony) wrote:

Slowly, I stride over to this magnificent piano and start playing it tunefully. But my best friend fatman sneaks up behind me and starts mimicking me and it's not funny! He poked me with his fragile brush and laughs at me and suddenly BANG! I recognise the CLIP CLOP of miss pointy noses shoes and dragged boris away from his prised possession and hid behind the Scarlett curtain.She appears around the corner with another monkey by her side and walks straight past the curtain taking no notice to boris and I. We reamerge from the curtain and boris walks straight to the piano back stage. He has flashbacks from when he was little playing the piano with miss pionty nose smacking him with her wooden stick and pointing furiously at the paper with all the keys on. As soon as his memory jogs, we noticed that the monkey who had followed miss pointy nose was sat at another piano itching to play a happy tune but had fears of miss pointy nose telling him off. But boris wasn't afraid of her he started playing some sort of party tune by Mozart (which was a surprise) and danced about but pointy nose had heard him and
she drew back the curtain furiously with her giant monkey hands and before she could hit him I put my giant body in her way and blocked her and suddenly the other monkey found his confidence and boris and him played together tunefully once more.Miss pointy nose had had quite enough and stormed out the room in anger...

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Charlotte Ramsden wrote:

There I was on a piano stool, pretending to play the piano over the music as my friend named Marty, who was a gorilla, laughed at me. He tapped me on the back and imitated me. Because footsteps where coming toward us, Marty passed me the brush. It was just an old, feminine monkey with the tightest bun I’d ever seen! She had some tiny, rectangular glasses perched on the tip of her nose. Trailing behind her was a masculine monkey with slicked back hair with a black suit on. It was my oldest and most dearest friend, Tommy.
Tommy was playing boring, classical music beautifully as I sat and watched. We both knew we were bored. He glanced at our piano teacher, grinned and picked up the pace of the music. Her head turned our way grumpily, as the music went back to its original pace. I joined in excitedly and made the music into fun, jazzy music. The teacher turned on her heel and grasped her stick furiously, walked over to us and tapped the music sheet angrily. We hung our heads in shame, but really we were happy so I tapped him, pretended to straighten my tie and got ready to play but she wacked me with her stick. I did it again but she stopped me, so I jumped off my seat and frowned at her with my fists clenched. Tommy looked at me worriedly as Miss waved her hand to show me I had to go. Sadly, I walked off as Miss told Tommy to carry on playing the old, dull music.
I felt as if I was looking back in time ; everything was just the same. He was being forced to play the classical music, as the snooty teacher walked around with her eyes closed, listening to the music. Tommy looked up at me so I hid behind the curtain nervously. I listened in on Tommy playing the music as he slipped into jazzy music. A wave of excitement came over me. Does he remember me too? He slipped back into classical. I took a peak out of the curtain and so did Marty to see him go back into jazzy music. I looked at the piano, which was on the other side of the curtain where I was standing, when my old teacher changed the music. Tommy started playing as I played the jazzy music. Tommy looked elated. Marty was dancing to my music when Tommy started playing again. Marty nudged me to keep going as he rolled up the curtain in between us. We both kept playing, one after the other as our teacher kept trying to hit us with her stick but Marty stood in front of her so she couldn’t get to us. We started playing a happy jazz tune together as Marty pranced and danced around the room. She threw her stick to the ground furiously and gave up (she walked off). Tommy was so happy that he started playing with his toes! Then he came and sat down on my piano stool and we both played on this piano, the happiest we’d ever been.

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Emily Ohara wrote:

Sitting on the piano, I imagined myself being a famous pop pianoist. Until Bob came and interrupted my thoughts. He stood up and started to mock me. I gave up and started to walk away. I passed my Dad and a memory from when I was 8 shot into my head.

20 years ago, I sat on my piano my dad playing classical music, I hated it but I did it anyway. Behind me, was my mum she is very strict about playing the piano. When she wasn't looking, me and my dad would use to play our type of music. As soon as my mum heard she got out her stick and whipped us on the back. I always looked up to him and never to my mum.

On the stage, my mum and my dad were practicing piano. Bob was cleaning up behind them observing the whole thing. My mum walked away and my dad and I exchanged looks. We knew exactly what we wanted to do. I ran onto the stage and sat next to my dad. He started with the right note and I started with the left. This was the day our pop group was created. Mum stared at us, whipped us with the stick but we didn't care.

Presently, We are living happily with plenty of money. I have 2 kids and a wife. Dad and I have calmed down mum.

Eveything is Happy

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