L.O. I can write a 3 ed sentence

Date: 3rd Oct 2016 @ 8:19am

Pleased, overjoyed, overwhelmed, she ran into Jellybeans for her party. Write a 3 ed sentence about this pitcure.

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Rocco wrote:

Curious,petrified,suspicious,he creeped into the sinister hose of death.

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😀jake and India😀 wrote:

The dark,creepy mantion blew up like dinomite😅

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Jack wrote:

The haunted house, that was black and green, was overlooking the moon.

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Emily wrote:

Petrified,scared,amused I trembled to the giant castle that was glowing blue,green and white...

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Esme wrote:

Intreeged,terrified,excited the ghost busters entered the haunted and abandoned mansion

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Matthew J & Millie wrote:

Petrified, scared, frightened I walked into the house of terror.

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Dylan wrote:

The dark,scary haunted house walked towards me as the door waved at me. The haunted house,which was colossal,stared at me with horror.

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Bella Alisha wrote:

Petrified,scared,terrified,Lilly ran out of the dark gloomy mansion.😱

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Harry wrote:

Crumbled, haunted, neglected, the mist fell upon the house

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Sophie wrote:

It was a dark and stormy night, as the wolves howled.

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Trudy & Scarlett wrote:

Petrified, terrified, scared the man strided towards the haunted mansion.

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Ellie wrote:

Scared, terrified, worried, I slowly walked into the Mansion.

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Tom Holness wrote:

Petrified, worried, motivated,I stumbled into the haunted house.

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