L.O. I can open a sentence with a subordinating conjunction.

Date: 30th Sep 2016 @ 12:29pm

Write a sentence about this abandoned mountain villahe that opens with a subordinating conjunction.

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The village,which was colossal,was on a hill.

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Amber and Grace wrote:

The mountain was like a building sight.
The mountain was like Hogwart's school of Witchcraft and wizardry.

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Harry wrote:

Because the village was abandoned ,it was about to crumb ball

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Luke wrote:

Because the village has been abandoned for a long time, it was very dusty and shattered.

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Trudy & Scarlett wrote:

Although the moutain villahe was abandoned, it still was a great tourist attraction.

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Jake and India wrote:

The big mountain village,sat peacefully on the mountain.

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Poppy and Ava wrote:

Because the abandoned mountain village was so old, it was crumbling down.

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Matthew J and Millie wrote:

Because this mountain has been abandoned for so long, everyone forgot about about it.

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Jack wrote:

The enormous, gigantic castle stood at the top of the hill.

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Rebecca wrote:

The underwater castle, that was invaded by jelly fish, sank to the bottom of the ocean never th be seen again.

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Esme wrote:

After I came out the airport,i drove to the abandoned village, wich was on a mountain ⛰

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Emily wrote:

Eventhough the village was abandoned it still stayed up strong

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