June 16th - 22nd Homework

Date: 15th Jun 2017 @ 4:38pm

Write a description of the video. Before you start your writing, I want you to think about tyes of emotions you want your reader to feel when they read your work. Think about the vocabulary and sentence structure you can use to bring these emotions out of your reader. Can you build suspense before the finale of the video?

I can't wait to read your work.

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Thomas waine wrote:

If your sat on your sofa or bed at home reading this, with three meals a day and electronics all around you, then just take five seconds out of your sweet time to consider that not everyone is as fortunate as you. In fact there is a very old lady who lives in your nearest rubbish dump. This is the story of the beautiful day when she finally found happiness...

Trudge!, squeak!, trudge!, squeak!, Asma pushed her dirty old pram through the wreckage that was the rubbish dump. It was supprising that her tired eyes could still move with such agility, as they rolled around in their sockets, desperately searching for something new. Asma's pram was already half full as she came to a broken down, beaten car. The moon looked down at her in pity as she risked her achy joints to clamber into the car

She looked at the air freshener. It was the same one mother used to have in her car. Sad but curious, Asma swiped quickly swiped away an unhappy tear and opened the glove department. OOOOHHhhh! She gasped as a sparkling diamond ring appeared before her eyes...

Within three seconds, Asma had grabbed the ring and had set off for her tent as fast as her legs could carry her. Inside the tent there was two candles and a chair. Above one candle, she hung an umbrella that she had found that day. She then tuned towards the second candle and placed the diamond next to it. All of a sudden, the tent lit up like a disco. Asma smiled to herself, at last she was happy...

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HARRY wrote:

Once the was a old,homeless lady searching for objects in a scrap yard ( which has been abandoned for years ) had suddenly she found a yellow umbrella which had a holl in it.

She places it into her trolley as she slowly walk to a pile of cans. She gentl picked it up and put it in her trolley.

The old lady runs around and comes across a cardboard box. She pens it to find a handle with plasteck beards on it and one falls of and hits the ground. She picks it up and many, many, many hours later she is still looking for objects.

She finds a rusty, old car and she finds a little tree hanging she smells and then falls back and she spots a brown and shines box. She opens it and finds a diamond ring.

she scutters back yo her home she hangs the unbrella up lights a candle and puts the can over it and she hangs the ring up and mirrackulasly it creates a disco world around her

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Matthew Bradley wrote:

As I searched through the boxes all I was finding was old ,dusty teacups . But then I found another box. My last hope I opened the box and then I found a beautiful , graceful ring. I picked it up and ran to my car. I grabbed the glorious air freshener. I carefully picked it up and started smelling it . It was wonderful and satisfying. All of a sudden the car seat fell!!!!! I quickly ran home with the ring and air fresheners went to my table and put the Christmas tree air freshener on the table. Then I got the ring also put it on the table and then all of a sudden the hole room was lit up. Then I smiled and went to sleep on my chair.

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Alisha wrote:

old woman is in a tip and she said looking for thinks so she finds the old umbrella which she puts in her trolly she carrys on looking in this old dirty tip and the dead of night she also finds a and old thing which you put over baby's coats and a plastic bird felt off and she got that and put it in her old trolly and then she look and look again then a few hours later she found an old car she found one of those air fresheners form the car and she shot it and ... The chair fell back and she found this old box with with a golden ring she was so exited she ran back to her house and she was so exited she got here umbrella out a s get this thing up the she added thus find to this article thing then the room started to sparkle and she span round and sat down and fell

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Sara wrote:

Stranded,alone,scared I began to search through this treasure of a place, some may call it a dump but I call it home. I began to have a little peek inside a box besides me. Wow! I found an umberella!!! There's a hole in it but never mind! I pick up a can and slide it into my trolley. I wonder what I can make of it... Ahah! I found a broken baby's wheel! This is truly a wonderful day. What's this? A car? I began to jump with excitement. I pull of an air freshener from the mirror of the car. I lay back on the chair, OOF I fell backwards. I saw a box, I ponder what is on the inside I slowly pick up the small decorated wooden box. I gasped at the sight of a gorgeous diamond ring. My heart skipped a beat. I swiftly ran back home to my cardboard box. Light shone upon my walls. I hung up the umbrella I had found earlier and slipped on the items on the babies spilling wheel carefully. I placed the can on top of the candle below. And finally, I slipped the diamond ring onto the end of the damaged can. What a sight it was to behold. Millions of little dots scattered around the room. I smiled to myself pleased.

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Charlotte wrote:

There she was, an old, desperate lady scavenging for bits and bobs in the dumpster. She pulled out a damaged tea pot, no use, she threw it behind her like someone digging in mud. Next, she found a yellow umbrella, tested it and thought that it could come in handy, so she kept it.
The lady, who was wearing a green hat, came across some metal things, took the holiest one there was and put it in her trolley. Then, she saw a golf bag and a green box. Curious to see what was inside she took a peak into the golf bag. Because all she could see was darkness, she leaned her head in closer. A horrible smell flew up her nostrils, she moved on. Next to everything was a small, cardboard box, inside was a thing that you hang up above a baby’s cot. One of the white birds that was hanging off fell to the ground. Oh well! She added it to her basket. Looking and looking, she finally came across a windowless, broken car with an air freshener. She took it and smelt it. It smelt like summer fruits. One more item was added to the trolley! The car seat tipped backwards and she couldn’t help but notice a jewellery box. Inside was classical old jewellery but one stood out. A beautiful, shining ring. Her eyes lit up and she held it against her chest.
She toddled back to her little hut made out of carpets and held up with sticks and lit a candle inside. Swiftly, she hobbled over to her trolley and grabbed the damaged, yellow umbrella and put it up and hung it on a pole of wood which was hung over the candle and put the holey metal tin thing over the candle. Then, over the things that stick out, she hung up the birds and in front of that she put the air fresheners. Finally, she placed the ring in front of the tin. The room lit up like a disco, in the shadows on the wall was tree shaped silhouettes because of the air fresheners, and bird shaped silhouettes because of the white birds. Her masterpiece had been created! Just one more thing…time to relax! She sat back in the car chair and admired the beauty she had made.

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Ava McCann wrote:

Night had fallen; the sun had gone along with laughter and chirps. There stood waddling about was a poor, old lady. She was pushing round a busted up, wonky shopping trolley as if to buy things from the Dumpster Shop. I know it’s hard to believe but, yes Mrs Elderly lived in the Junkyard. Hopeless that she would find anything useful from that day, the women stumbled to find what looked like an ancient car .A smile stretch across her face. Joy was written all over her she, had found something beyond amazing. A Diamond ring .Slowly, Mrs Elderly toddled, at snail speed, down to what she called home. The tent.

Inside her measly house, was an armchair, lousy cardboard table and her round shelf to carry important belongings of hers. Shakily, laboriously, painfully, Mrs Elderly scrambled to grab the days’ worth of shopping and pulled out two tree shaped car air fresheners, and an umbrella that was to be hung on the ceiling to make a lamp shade. And the ring… she hung that on the bottom of the umbrella. She sat down. Switched the light out to reveal a DISCO! And a smile was granted.

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alfie kinnen wrote:

On a cold, gloomy night, the old lady walked through the scrap yard. She was dressed in old, scruffy clothes. She went through the rubbish looking for any items that's caught her eye.

When looking through a large, brown cardboard box, the lady found a old, yellow battered umbrella which she liked and placed it in her shopping trolley. She the saw a pile of old, rusty, tin cans, one caught her eye that was dented and cut which she liked the look of and put this in her trolley. When looking through another old box, she found an old babys mobile that had birds hanging off it. Again she lie this and placed it in her trolley.

The lady saw a scraped car and sat in the seat of it, she found an old air freshener in the car and had a smell of it, it still smelt nice. But then all of a sudden the seat fell back, when the lady looked down she saw an old box, she lifted it up and wiped of the dirt and when she opened it, it started to play music. In the box the lady was surprised to see a diamond and gold ring. The ring glittered in the moon light. The lady loved the ring and set of home with the ring and her trolley.

The lady lied on the scrape yard in a made up home made with cardboard boxes. She lit a candle when she got home, hung the old, battered, yellow umbrella up in her home, and hung the birds off the mobile on the umbrella that she had found. She then got the old damaged tin can and placed it over the candle the tin let light through the holes of the tin, the old lady the hung the diamond and gold ring on the tin and it shone through the light and showed little stars on the cardboard home walls. The lady loved the look of the lights, shadows of the birds and stars off the ring, she sat down and watched the loved site from her chair

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Olivia Desmond wrote:

The tired, determined,confident old woman scattered around the dump site searching for food and furniture like a rat hunting for its prey. Finally finding a ornament of spinning birds made her happy. In the corner of her eye she spotted a car that had three smashed windows and was the colour red which now was nothing but rust.Cautiously stepping into the car she noticed a brown bag on the right back seat so she grabbed it curiously as if it was a pot of gold.Eagerly opening the "enchanted handbag" she saw a ring which was not only a ring it was a ring that could bring light to her dark, damp, gloomy tent. The old woman, that was relieved and amazed,sped excitedly back to her place of home.When she arrived she lit a candle, she put a ripped, yellow umbrella on the ceiling like a lampshade, then she put a broken bit off the ornament on the side of the umbrella, after she had made every thing else to do with the umbrella perfect she started to place air fresheners through the split of the table,she had defintley saved the best till last as she finally hooked the beautiful ring onto the mask that was covering the candle. The old woman was so overjoyed that she even danced in the pretty shiny glimmer of the ring!

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Esmé McCann wrote:

Carefully, I dug up an old rusty umbrella and placed it in the crooked trolley.I moved on to the next thing that caught my eye in the wasteland.It looked like old lockers shoved next to a broken table. Old bean cans with insects crawling out of the them were on the table as well . There was one that had so many holes in it it could be a lantern. Wow! I thought as I picked the empty can up. I wheeled the trolley towards a golf set and peeked into the hole punched golf bag.I smelt it, the poisonous evil stench flooded my nostrils! I quickly ran to the next station of rubbish things. I searched for hours. I finally found a cute but broken mobile, a bird fell off. It was blue and white, I popped it into my trolley and wheeled it off. Searching for more things I finally found a car, one that was super dirty! Soon, I sat down and I grasped the steering wheel in my filthy hands.Just then, as I leaned back, the seat broke and I fell backwards. All of a sudden a case so pretty caught my eye. I grabbed it.I opened the case, there were pieces of cloth inside. I shook it to see if anything else was in there. Suddenly, I saw a diamond ring. I could not believe my eyes! I picked it up and ran to my hut. I lit a candle and put the can I found over it. The smelly car things that I found I put facing the candle, and placed the mobile toy onto a hook. I then put the diamond on the lid of the can... I was speechless when I saw the room , it was like the night sky filled with stars. I sat in my beach chair all night as I watched the replica of the night sky.

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Emily Bellard wrote:

Wandering around carefully, the strange, little man popped his head up from a huge pile of junk. This little man was called Freddy! Freddy sadly didn't have a home. He had been abbanded and forced to live in a junk yard! He was a bright and determined little guy who was hoping to find some junk that was actually useful. Suddenly, he finally found some great stuff! He had found an Umbrella - which was very dirty with a couple of giant holes in it - a battered tin can and an old baby toy that had a rod missing. Then he found what he was looking for! An old car that had a air freshener in it and a mysterious wooden box. Freddy carefully picked up the box and opened it. Inside was a pretty new DIAMOND RING...

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