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Hi folks, 

From next week (Wb 29/06) the same work will be upoaded on here as on seesaw. Please complete on seesaw or have a look on there as from the week after, all work will be posted on that website.

This week I want you to try out some personal challenges set by Mrs F, check out the attachment below. 

See if you can beat my score of 86 keepy ups.  Good luck wink



You will notice I have started to upload the whole weeks work in one go now. You may need to scroll down on the blog section to find the days English.

We are back at it now, another 3 weeks of hard work and then it's Summer 😎

Everything will remain as always - Daily reading (Purple mash), English (film link) and Maths (White Rose).

I will be uploading extra questions to do alongside the daily Purplemash reading as I thought multiple choice were a bit simple so wanted to find some questions to really get your brain thinking. The multiple choice questions will still be uploaded daily too for you to have a go at.


Please try and stay in touch in regards to your learning by posting some of your best work up on here (you don’t need to post everyday but you can if you like) as I would like to see how people are getting on with their work at home.

I know from next week, anyone who sends in their picture (doing work) or something you have created can be posted on the website for all your friends to see too. 


Please can I highlight how important it is that YOU ARE DOING SOME WORK DAILY - Especially English (including spelling and reading through purplemash) and Maths. Treat it as a normal school


Most of the work set, you should be able to do by yourself. If there is someone at home to help you with it, that is great. If not, you can always send me a message on here for help.


The English will be posted under the blog section.

For Maths and everything else, just click on 'Week beginning' date or 'Topic work' buttons above. ^

Remember, try and keep to a routine and do what you can to help at home. Enjoy the sunshine. wink

Mr Ellison.







18/05 UPDATE - 

SPANISH - This week I would like you to click on the link below to watch a video all about vowels. This is great to help develop your Spanish reading and writing skills.

Now think about the numbers one to ten in Spanish (count much higher if you are confident to do so). Have a go at writing them down. Can you identify the vowel sound? What does it sound like?

Click on the link below to check how to spell each number

Now after your hard work watch this next video - Spanish mindfulness. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

RE - On Saturday 23rd May and Sunday 24th May, Muslims will be celebrating the end of Ramadan with the festival of Eid. Watch the video clips and compare Eid to a festival you celebrate. What is the same / different about the celebrations?

11/05 UPDATE - SPANISH - Info on home learning sheet (mini beast powerpoint cards on this page. Scroll down).

RE -Watch the video clips and think about what it would be like to fast during the day. The fasting times for Muslims are between dawn (4.42a.m.) and sunset (8.50p.m.).

04/05 UPDATE - Spanish - Please watch this video of Irene and follow along with the activities. It is all about personal information and becoming confident to ask and answer questions.

Please try to add an extra piece of information about yourself for example how old you are, if you have a pet, your favourite fruit or colour maybe.

27/04 UPDATE - Lots of new information in the Week 4 notes including about music and our new service fit futures.

20/04 UPDATE - The Maths work being set is now new learning and not as much 'revision'. Please take your time with this and make sure you complete it daily. If you get stuck at any stage just send me a message.

On top of any Topic work being put on our class page, there are lots of fun, engaging activies on BBC bitesize everyday to keep you busy in the afternoons especially with Geography and History. Go check it out.

SPANISH UPDATE 20/04 - You should focus on stage 2 activities and also continue to work through the original upload of activities as well as these ones. 🇪🇸

01/04 UPDATE - I have checked on purple mash and not many children are completing the daily reading. Please make sure you go on and read at least one of the two books. There are also multiple choice questions to answer each day.

30/03 UPDATE - Hi, I have uploaded some information from Mr Bartlett to do with our music. Lessons and resources will be uploaded each week for you to have a go at to ensure that you can still progress on your instruments whilst school is closed. Even if you don't have your instrument there are things on there for you.

26/03 UPDATE - Hola Class. Mrs Orledge has uploaded some Spanish work for you to have a go at. She has said to focus on working through the stage 2 topics. Vamonos! 🇪🇸

25/03 UPDATE - Daily reading has been set now on purple mash. If you log on there are two different texts to choose from. The first one 'Animal boy' and the second is 'A Bridge on Fire' which is slightly more difficult. There are a set of online multiple choice questions to answer after you are finished too

Here is a brilliant website for you to practise your maths skills whilst playing a magical game. You will be able to battle against monsters and other creatures in different lands. Click on the picture, say you are a NEW PLAYER playing in SCHOOL and enter the CLASS CODE: 69FB6E to register.

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